Greetings and welcome to my web site. To those of you who’ve read my novels and have shared your comments with me, thank you. It’s a sincere pleasure to correspond with you all.  

Many of you have asked me questions and the one I’m asked the most is why I write, sometime phrased as ‘what do I get out of writing.’ I can answer the question however it may be asked, with a single word—salvation.

Long ago I read the phrase in a James Michener novel, ‘Productive work is the salvation of mankind.’ I don’t know why it struck me then, but it did and has stayed with me throughout my life, through times both fulfilling and fallow. 
At the end of every writing session, my productive work, the fruits of my labor, stare back at  me from  the  computer  screen.  Each  day’s writing is measurable progress toward a definable goal giving me  enormous  satisfaction—a worthy goal  in  itself  but  not  a writer’s only reward. 

There is also the gift of flight. In writing, you call upon your imagination, your wings.  They may not come fully formed,  but  the  more  you
 use the wings of your imagination, the further and higher you soar.  There’s no place you can’t go and there are no crowds, lines, security checks or customs inspections in your travels—and its first class all the way.

Why do I write?  I could answer in a word or I could write a book. 

Can’t get no satisfaction?   Writing works for me.

Critically-Acclaimed Author of the Thriller Series Featuring Renegade Cajun Federal Judge Jock Boucher 
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