"Superior....Federal judge Jock Boucher finds himself in the midst of a possible conspiracy involving arms dealers, drug runners, and a small group of individuals trying to set off a major international incident. A strong protagonist, unexpected plot twists, and smart dialogue make this a winner."  PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY (starred review) 

"Jock Boucher, Cajun federal judge-turned-unlikely action hero, returns....a solid, engaging thriller with a protagonist cut from a different cloth." 

"This second tale featuring Louisiana Federal District Judge Jock Boucher is even better than the first...with a fascinating plot...[and] an unforgettable ending."  SUSPENSE MAGAZINE August 2013   (click here to see full review

"Introducing Jock Boucher, black Cajun federal district judge, who may be young and recently appointed but isn't afraid of ruffling feathers  in his hometown of New Orleans....an auspicious beginning for a mystery series featuring one of the most agreeably easygoing heroes on this side of the Atlantic."  KIRKUS REVIEWS

"From David Lyons comes Ice Fire, a novel with almost clairvoyant timing, a fascinating plot and complex characters. It hits with style and power like the judge's hammer coming down at the end of a case." – NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author Graham Brown

"Ice Fire is a fun, fast read. United States District Judge Jock Boucher is an unusual action hero, the plot about deep sea mining is original and the post Katrina, New Orleans setting is exotic.   I  look  forward  to  reading  Jock  Boucher's  next  adventure."  -  Phillip MargolinNEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author of CAPITOL MURDER 

"Newcomer David Lyons brings a fresh eye and sure hand to the thriller genre with his debut novel, Ice Fire.    Mixing   science,   corruption,  and good ol'-fashioned murder into his plot, Lyons casts a colorful Cajun federal judge as a likable, unconventional hero in a story with environmental and political overtones. A nice bit of local Bayou color completes this promising debut. Look for more from Lyons – and   hopefully   his   action-oriented justice, Jock Boucher – in the future."  -   Jim DeFelice,  NEW YORK TIMES  Best-selling  Author   of AMERICAN SNIPER and THE HELIOS CONSPIRACY

“David Lyons delivers a perfect blend of technology, plot, and character in a suspenseful and rewarding story that kept me wanting more.    I  look forward to more stories from this exciting new talent.”— Andrew Peterson, Author of  FORCED TO KILL 

 “There's a new advocate on the John Grisham legal thriller circuit with the introduction by ex-lawyer David Lyons of Jock Boucher, an unconventional law-bending Louisiana District judge. Jock exposes murder, intellectual property theft and the corporate corruption that threatens ecological disaster.”— Brian Freemantle, Author of  RED STAR RISING 

"Comparison to the bestselling novels of Greg Iles is fair but limiting. We are indeed in southern-gothic corrupt-and-eccentric territory — the lead character is a wild and wooly judge in New Orleans, vividly evoked. But it’s also a Michael Crichton-ish semi-SF thriller. The plot centers on a substance (real) found in the Gulf, with potential to provide energy in enormous quantities. A very exciting first novel." - Sullivan County Democrat Newspaper (Callicoon, NY)

“Grisham fans will enjoy.”—PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

“It’s the kind of fast-paced book I like…. Jock Boucher is a wonderful character, and the book would make a good movie. The cover is a grabber…. The use of methane hydrate is also fascinating.” – David Halpern, BARNES & NOBLE (Akron, Ohio)

“It is the fabulous characters like Boucher, a detective named Fitch, and an old oceanographer, missing for 20 years, that make this fast paced, intelligent story come alive. This was excellent and what a great beginning to a new series!” – Susan Wasson, BOOKWORKS 
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)

"There’s action, budding romance, a bit of dry humor, and a plunge into New Orleans/Cajun culture. High society to Zydeco icehouse bars, Lyons covers the gamut. This should be a series worth following.” – SUSPENSE MAGAZINE (May 2012)

“Lyons has crafted a fascinating scientific thriller that thriller fans will want to read. Check it out.” – THE MYSTERY BOOKSHELF
(May 2012)

“Worthy of being a blockbuster. It has a great story behind it, a real thriller, and we expect that we'll be hearing a lot more of Jock Boucher in the future.”— VIRTUAL VALLARTA 

“Ice Fire is a thriller based upon the real life issues of renewable energy, natural resource protection, and ensuring our future as a species on this planet. It’s also a stellar debut novel that paints a picture of the beauty and tragedy of New Orleans, even as it leaves the reader breathless.” MYSTERY SCENE MAGAZINE (May 2012) 

From “We Love These Books!” Glowing Reviews Blog:  “I finished this book…and was excited to find that it is the first novel in a  new  series.
I highly recommend it to everyone.” Surrey Libraries, B.C., Canada

“David Lyons' excellent debut thriller set in New Orleans speaks to real world issue[s] ….[and] recounts the adventures of Cajun Federal Judge Jock Boucher…. Readers will anxiously await [his] return. Stay tuned.” Jerry Solot, The Mystery ReaderDavid Lyons' excellent debut thriller set in New Orleans speaks to real world issue[s] ….[and] recounts the adventures of Cajun Federal Judge Jock Boucher…. Readers will anxiously await [his] return. Stay tuned.” Jerry Solot, The Mystery Reader

Critically-Acclaimed Author of the Thriller Series Featuring Renegade Cajun Federal Judge Jock Boucher 
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David Lyons takes us on a journey of deceit, international intrigue, and the brink of a possible nuclear war in WATERS OF OBLIVION. Judge Jock Boucher is at his very best as he attempts to unravel a bees nest of corruption and greed without getting stung. ...a must read. A great espionage thriller!" –SUSPENSE MAGAZINE 

"an undeniable page-turner.  Literary adrenaline."  Kirkus Reviews